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What is nephos desktop?

nephos desktop is simply your existing desktop and all the applications you currently use in your business running on our servers rather than your computer.
log in to your desktop through any internet connection and device (such as a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone).
access all of your business office products like word, powerpoint and excel, outlook, exchange server, accounting applications and any other applications your business uses.

Local Service & Support

Store all your desktop, applications and company data in our data centre with the easy to use and fully supported nephos desktop.

All support is provided by nephos and you have our Technical experts on call, anytime.

Guaranteed Performance

We provide guaranteed reliability, security for your data, we minimise downtime and provide the cost of running your IT on a fixed per month per user basis without any need to upgrade software or server hardware again.

Simple & Quick Migration

Moving to the nephos desktop is made easy through simple and quick migration process.

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